The Road to Mastering Vim

I spend most of my day (and nights) thinking, writing & editing code.
I dare to say - more than most programmers I know.

I started writing code in Pascal using Turbo Pascal, then C with Turbo C.
Then I moved to writing C# with Visual Studio, and were amazed by this incredible IDE.

After a few years of writing mostly C#, I shfted.
I moved to Linux, and started writing code in java and python.
I was so used to IDE’s that PyCharm and IntelliJ were the only viable options.

But I wasn’t satisfied, and those IDE’s felt so heavy.
Then came across Sublime Text & Atom and shifted my focus to Atom.

I’ve been a heavy Atom user for a while now.
But I find myself again and again spending more of my time on the terminal.
And what do I do there? I edit things. Mostly on remote machines, using vim.

My knowledge of vim is very limited, and so is my productivity.
So my New Year’s resolution is to master vim!

To do so I decided to remove my beloved atom, and shift ALL my focus to vim.

Steps to Mastering Vim

  1. Consult my gifted friend, @yosyat, which shifted to vim a few years ago.
  2. Watch Mastering the Vim Language by Chris Toomey.
  3. Watch John Crepezzi’s Vim by John Crepezzi.
  4. Go through vimtutor.
  5. Watch Vim Meetups Videos.
  6. Watch at least three vimcasts a week.
  7. Read Learning Vi and Vim by Arnold Robbins, Elbert Hannah, Linda Lamb.
  8. Read Practical Vim by vimcasts creator, Drew Neil.
  9. Write blog posts about my progress
  10. Buy @yosyat beer for helping me fulfill my New Year’s resolution!